School Facilities

School Facilities



Class access to the Resource Centre computer pod maximises the learning opportunities of the digital curriculum, with an ergonomic design and availability of digital equipment.  Computer pods are in each classroom which includes up to date projectors and interactive whiteboards. Having an iPad ratio of one to five students, use of digital cameras and multi-media software further compliments students creative ability to present their work in many formats.

Resource Centre


Para Hills Schools has well-equipped Resource Centres that are large, open and easily accessible. Our computerised Resource Centres services all children from Reception to Year 7 who are welcome to borrow from our wide range of resources. The teacher-librarian teaches specific research skills and encourages children’s interest in reading for pleasure and information.


Music Facilities

Instrumental Music Lessons are offered in guitar, keyboard and vocal. Each year, students also participate in the Festival of Music Choir.


Facilities Gym

Our school hall is well-equipped with equipment and is frequently used by classes for indoor physical education activities, assemblies and concerts. The gym is also available/used after hours by our community for Tai-Chi, Dance and Callisthenics.