Student Leadership

Student Leadership

School Life

A key feature of Para Hills School P-7 success is the active involvement of students in the life of the school. The school offers a diverse range of leadership opportunities for all students that include joining and participating in leadership programs: SRC Executive, SRC class representatives, Sports Day Captains, Library Monitors and Environmental Leaders (Earth Squad)

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Para Hills School P-7 has a strong and active Student Representative Council (SRC).


Para Hills Primary School acknowledges the importance of leadership within the student body. The establishment of a Student Voice Committee provides a way for students to express their views and become part of the decision making process with regards to issues that affect the student body. It also provides an opportunity for students to take on leadership roles and be role models for their peers. Our school believes encouraging student leadership ensures we are developing our community leaders of the future.


Two students from each class are elected to represent their class. SRC members meet regularly, raising class based issues to be discussed, providing feedback and developing proposals for staff about a range of issues. We also have an Executive committee that is made up of our Year 7 students. The Executive play an important role at the school, acting as positive role models, being involved in decision making, assisting in running assemblies and leading student voice in key areas. SRC and Executive members are inducted at the AGM each year.

Student Voice

Student Voice is an integral part of our learning at Para Hill School P-7. Students are encouraged to have an input to what happens within the school, classroom and wider community. Our goal is for students to know that their expertise, opinions and ideas are valued in all aspects of school life. Student Voice permeates all levels of our work together, from students participating in small group classroom conversations, class meetings to students partnering in school change.

One of the principles guiding the transformation work at Para Hills School P-7 is that student achievement and engagement will increase when students have more ownership of their school community. Through class meetings and discussions with students it reinforces that:

  1. What students have to say matters in how learning happens.
  2. Students have expertise and knowledge that can bring renewed relevance and authenticity to the classroom and
  3. Students benefit from opportunities to practice the problem solving, leadership and creative thinking required to participate in a decision-making school community.

Sports Day Captains

Sports Day Captains are sport leaders who assist to organize their team, sports equipment and build positive team spirit, attitudes and efforts. We have two Sports Day Captains (year 7 students) and two vice Captains (year 6 students) for each team.

Library Monitors

Library monitors are year 5 and 6 students who assist in organising, planning and tidying our school library. Library Monitors re-shelve and assist classes in borrowing and returning books. They help plan and run our school Book Fair, Book Week and other special events.

Earth Squad

The Earth Squad help our school community develop a more sustainable environment by maintaining our recycle bins, compost bins and assist with our kitchen garden. The Earth Squad encourage all students to look after the environment by encouraging everyone to put waste in the correct bins, turn off taps and recycle.